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Whitepaper: Automation For Bacon

Bacon has definitely made a lasting impact in the meat industry. With a continued strong and steady customer and consumer demand, bacon has found its way everywhere. As a flavoring/condiment, a shared component for an overall product profile, or a stand-alone featured item, bacon has arrived and is here to stay.

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The Perfect Portion is as subjective as it is individual, and so are your goals. Together we work to identify what matters most to you and your Customer, and then design a plan and solution specific to those needs.

Our belief is the Perfect Portion does not end with just finding a solution. It is building a lasting understanding of what your business needs to continue to be successful. Our job is not just about the equipment we manufacture but building a relationship that consistently delivers results for you. It is a simple methodology and belief that when value is created in areas that positively impacts your business, then the Perfect Portion for your business and your Customers can be achieved.

  • WePick Robots
  • CCA 600/800
  • CompactLoader (CCA 500)
  • SmartLoader
  • StreamLoader
  • Shuttle System

WePick Robots

The diverse Weber Pick Robot offering fulfills the entire range of sliced pick and place application needs. From stand alone solutions in a compact footprint to fully integrated systems with Weber’s WePack thermoformer, the Weber Pick Robot family is the industry leading solution for performance, hygienic design and reliability.

Technical Data

Dimensions of picker cell(WxHxD in mm) 2754 x 2505 x 2265
WePick Series up to 240 sliced portions/min

Labor Savings

  • Eliminates need for operators to load portions into a packaging machine, savings of up to 8 operators per shift!
  • Hygienic design and simplified controls allow for easier cleaning and maintenance (less time), resources can be allocated more efficiently elsewhere in the plant!

Food Safety

  • Reduces up to 100% of operator contact with portions in the loading process.
  • End of Arm tools easily accessible and removable for sanitation processes.


  • Available in executions that include up to a maximum of 4 pick heads and up to 240 picked/placed portions per minute.
  • Offers pick and place support for the entire range of applications, including portion turning, styling, and overlapping.
  • Compact and integrated footprint options allow for easier integration into existing line situations.

CCA 600/800

Weber’s high output belt loader, the CCA600/800 adds new dimensions to traditional belt loading. Capable of automatically loading packaging machines with up to 830 mm usable film width – the CCA600/800 solves difficult portion distribution challenges, from spreading 4 to 6 rows for example, and optionally can offer row completion, to limit empty packs from the packaging machine.

Technical Data

CCA 600 CCA 800
Film width (mm) max. 640 max. 830
Cut-off/index length (mm) up to 800 up to 800
Number of tracks max. 6 max. 6
Number of buffer conveyors max. 4 max. 4

Labor Savings

  • High capacity feeding/loading solution reduces labor via handling and loading of up to 6 product lanes.
  • Provides a solution for handling incomplete rows, ensuring maximum line efficiency and eliminating downstream labor needed for removing empty packs from production stream.

Food Safety

  • System is designed to eliminate nearly all product handling by operators, managing overweight/underweight portions, lane dividing, grouping and loading into packaging equipment.

CompactLoader (CCA 500)

Solving multiple automation challenges in an easy to manage footprint, the Weber Compact Loader offers a complete solution for portion handling from slice to pack. Tailored to your specific product needs, the Compact Loader eliminates the need for manual intervention, and ensures proper portion presentation in the package.

Technical Data

Film Width (mm) max. 460
Cycle Length (mm) max. 460
Grouping Conveyors max. 4
Buffer Conveyors max. 4

Labor Savings

  • Eliminates need for operators to manually stage and load products into packaging machine.
  • Reduces operator handling of overweight/underweight portions via an integrated rocker that also serves to decreases line length.

Food Safety

  • Easily disassembled and thoroughly cleaned/sanitized in minutes.
  • Reduces human contact on pre-packaged product by virtually 100%.

Ease of Use

  • Allows for easy access to packaging machine via pivoting/swiveling frame and belt support designs.
  • Seamless control integration between slicing and loading – CompactLoader groups, spreads/divides and buffers portions for perfect loading into the packaging machine.
  • Extremely direct handling/loading allows for reduced line length and frees up plant space for additional production opportunities.


A highly flexible system, offering self-contained Smart Automation, the Weber Smart Loader packs huge capabilities into a compact, easily operable footprint. Capable of grouping and loading complete packaging indexes, the Smart Loader is an awesome addition to any operation as it can be utilized in a variety of product and package situations.

Technical Data

Film Width (mm) max. 600
Advance Length (mm) 600 (optional to 800)
Number of tracks max. 2
Infeed width (mm) 250
Performance products/portions per minute 120
Performance individual slices per track per minute 150/170

Labor Savings

  • Eliminates need for operators to manually stage and load products into package.
  • Provides additional styling opportunities, overlapping, grouping, etc. without manual intervention or additional equipment.

Food Safety

  • No manual product handling – reduces product handling in loading up to 100%.
  • Characteristically “Weber” hygienic design – belts easily removable for cleaning and sanitation in minutes.

Ease of Use

  • Stand alone unit that can be easily added to existing line configurations.
  • “Smart” controls allow for Smart Loader integration with minimal changes to upstream/downstream hardware. Automatically detects incoming products.
  • Solves a number of application related loading challenges including loading ofparticularly tall stacks and loading into a plug assist packaging machine.


Compact, and efficient, the Weber Streamloader fills the gap between multi-lane slicing and single-lane packaging machinery. Simple and accessible the Streamloader merges multiple lanes of product in a way that continuously feeds flow wrap machinery in a highly efficient way.

Technical Data

Speed 200+ Portions per minute
Execution 2, 3 and 4 lanes to 1
Portion Handling Capabilities Reverse Shingle, Shingles, Stacks with & without Turning

Complete Weber Solution

  • Positions Weber as a single source supplier of portion tracking from slicer through to flow-wrapper.
  • Reduces need for extra buffering capabilities (additional vendor) and ensures proper tracking. Reduces line length and maintains buffer levels for maximum throughput.
  • Full line operation from a single touchscreen. Uniform electrical execution throughout entire line.

Speed & Flexibility

  • Capable of handling 200+ shingles per min.
  • Extremely Flexible – supports shingles, twin stacks, single stacks, multi flavor stack (A/B)s – With or without turning.
  • Available in mirrored execution if needed, reducing floor space and labor.

Ergonomically Friendly

  • Operator safety front of mind in design. Eliminates need for floor stands, and platforms around the line.
  • Line can be easily accessed from both sides. Cabinets designed, executed forcomplete accessibility.

Shuttle System

A clear indication of Weber’s capabilities as an innovator and technological leader, the Weber Shuttle System brings about new possibilities for line processes and product transportation. Modular, easily programmable, and highly flexible the Shuttle System provides solutions for traditionally difficult logistical and product handling challenges.

Technical Data

Portion shuttle single 270×270 mm
Portions/minute 55
Portion shuttle double 210×210 mm
Portions/minute 110
Power consumption 20 Watts/per shuttle

Process Efficiency

  • Game Changing – Decouples traditionally fixed line processes. With dynamic line speeds and integrated buffering functionality Weber Shuttle System provides flexibility to truly maximize throughput in terms of portions or packs/minute.
  • Minimizes challenging transition points that can disrupt portion and loading quality. Reduces need for time consuming portion restyling and rehandling.
  • Provides a solution in difficult circumstances – where footprint may not allow for traditional product handling systems. Can be ideal for reducing footprint needed for multi-layer and multi-portion packs.

Food Safety

  • Shuttles are easily removable for cleaning, which can be done in a more timely and efficient manner than cleaning of traditional belt systems.
  • System capable of incorporating UV cleaning station for added anti-microbial treatment during production.

Future Proof

  • Modular and easily expandable to address changing needs and growing demand. Length can be added by the meter and new capabilities/integrations are easily programmed.

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