Automation Solutions


Solving multiple automation challenges in an easy to manage footprint, the Weber Compact Loader offers a complete solution for portion handling from slice to pack. Tailored to your specific product needs, the Compact Loader eliminates the need for manual intervention, and ensures proper portion presentation in the package.


  • Eliminates the need for operators to manually stage and load products into the packaging machine.
  • Reduces operator handling of overweight/underweight portions via an integrated rocker that also serves to decreases line length.
  • Easily disassembled and thoroughly cleaned/sanitized in minutes.
  • Reduces human contact on pre-packaged product by virtually 100%.
  • Allows for easy access to packaging machine via pivoting/swiveling frame and belt support designs.
  • Seamless control integration between slicing and loading – CompactLoader groups, spreads/divides and buffers portions for perfect loading into the packaging machine.
  • Extremely direct handling/loading allows for reduced line length and frees up plant space for additional production opportunities.