Automation Solutions

Wepick robot

The diverse Weber Pick Robot offering fulfills the entire range of sliced pick and place application needs. From stand alone solutions in a compact footprint to fully integrated systems with Weber’s WePack thermoformer, the Weber Pick Robot family is the industry leading solution for performance, hygienic design and reliability.


  • Eliminates need for operators to load portions into a packaging machine, savings of up to 8 operators per shift!
  • Hygienic design and simplified controls allow for easier cleaning and maintenance (less time), resources can be allocated more efficiently elsewhere in the plant!
  • Reduces up to 100% of operator contact with portions in the loading process.
  • End of Arm tools easily accessible and removable for sanitation processes.
  • Available in executions that include up to a maximum of 4 pick heads and up to 240 picked/placed portions per minute.
  • Offers pick and place support for the entire range of applications, including portion turning, styling, and overlapping.
  • Compact and integrated footprint options allow for easier integration into existing line situations.