Automation Solutions


Compact, and efficient, the Weber Streamloader fills the gap between multi-lane slicing and single-lane packaging machinery. Simple and accessible the Streamloader merges multiple lanes of product in a way that continuously feeds flow wrap machinery in a highly efficient way.


  • Positions Weber as a single source supplier of portion tracking from slicer through to flow-wrapper.
  • Reduces need for extra buffering capabilities (additional vendor) and ensures proper tracking. Reduces line length and maintains buffer levels for maximum throughput.
  • Full line operation from a single touchscreen. Uniform electrical execution throughout entire line.
  • Capable of handling 200+ shingles per min.
  • Extremely Flexible – supports shingles, twin stacks, single stacks, multi flavor stack (A/B)s – With or without turning.
  • Available in mirrored execution if needed, reducing floor space and labor.
  • Operator safety front of mind in design. Eliminates need for floor stands, and platforms around the line.
  • Line can be easily accessed from both sides. Cabinets designed, executed forcomplete accessibility.